Read Course syllabus before you proceed

In-Person Classes
102 Sec A: M W F 9:00-9:50 AM
+ one of weekly practice/speaking session (two sessions on Tuesdays)

First-Year Textbook
Web App Integrated Chinese 4E Vol 1 Essential Edition 1 year (required).
This is a digital text, and the Essential Edition includes Basic Edition plus grammar Workbook
with automatic feedback and printable Character Workbook
Please be sure to get the correct edition (see below); the cost is
$115.99. This will cover Chinese 101 (fall) and Chinese 102 (spring).
this link to purchase online (at the end of Week 1).

This course meets 4 days a week and includes a Tuesday online practice session.
Weekly schedule is listed below and will be updated by each Monday.
Please bookmark this page and visit regularly to see weekly posting of new week’s updates.
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課程表COURSE SCHEDULE  [Last updated 1/5/23]

Week 1 (1/16-1/20)

Intro to Chinese 102 & Lesson 4

Week 2 (1/23-1/27) Speaking Practice begins

Lesson 4 Quiz 1 Presentation 1

Week 3 (1/30-2/3)

Lesson 4 Quiz 2

Week 4 (2/6-2/10)

Lesson 4/5 Presentation 2

Week 5 (2/13-2/17)

Lesson 5 Quiz 3

Week 6 (2/20-2/24)

Lesson 5 Quiz 4

Week 7 (2/27-3/3)

Lesson 5/6 Presentation 3 (writing + slides)

Week 8 (3/6-3/10)

Lesson 6 Quiz 5 + Presentation 3 (in-class speaking)

Week 9 (3/13-3/17) Spring Recess

No Class

Week 10 (3/20-3/24)

Lesson 6 Chinese Food Culture + Alumni Talk Steve Blake

Week 11 (3/27-3/21)  

Lesson 6 Quiz 6 Chinese Myths & Folklores

Week 12 (4/3-4/7)

Lesson 6/7 Quiz 7 Presentation 4 (group presentation on myths)

Week 13 (4/10-4/14)

Lesson 7 Quiz 8 Chinese Film + Alumni Talk Gabriel Newman

Week 14 (4/17-4/21)

Lesson 7 Quiz 9 Final Project on Language Learning

Week 15 (4/24-4/28)

Lesson 7 Final Project & Pronunciation Tone Pairs

Week 16 (5/1-5/3)

Final Project Submission & Tone Pairs Testing

Chinese 102 has weekly evaluations & monthly presentations.
There are no mid-term and final examinations.

In-Person & Virtual Office Hours

Sun Laoshi’s In-Person Office Hours*
Wyatt Hall #246

Mondays 3:00-4:00
Wednesdays 4:00-5:00
Fridays 11:00-12:00 and by appointment

*These are in-person office hours. You can request to meet
via Zoom. Contact Sun Laoshi to schedule a Zoom meeting.

Asian Languages & Culture (ALC)
Asian Studies Program

Prof. Lo Sun Perry
孫珞老師| CV and Bio
Fulbright TA: Mr. Oliver Ming-Hung Hsieh
謝銘鴻 老師

Mailing address: Wyatt Hall #246, CMB 1054
University of Puget Sound
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Tel: 253-879-3629 | Email:

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Student Accessibility and Accommodations

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Religious Accommodations


The university provides reasonable religious accommodations for academic courses and programs. Read the university policy here. If you need a reasonable accommodation due to a religious holiday or organized religious activity, you must give me written notice within the first two weeks of class so that we can coordinate the accommodation. If you have questions about the policy, you may contact the University Chaplain. If you have a grievance about the application of the policy or the handling of your request for an accommodation, you may contact the Dean of the Faculty.


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