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Chinese Cultural Notes

Maps and Flags:

Map of China  Map of Taiwan

Flag of China PRC     Flag of Taiwan ROC

Language & Characters:

Chinese Linguistic Map

Mandarin Chinese Profile

List of Radicals     Stroke Orders

Chinese Characters FAQ

FanJian (Traditional-Simplified Character Tutor)

Myths and Facts (article by Timothy. Light)


PRC Fact Book

History of China (U. of Maryland)

Timeline and Summaries (Columbia)

Timeline of Chinese Art 

Taiwan Country Profile

A Brief Chinese History (history.com)


Chinese Naming  Conventions

Get A Chinese Name

Common Surnames

8 Things You Don’t Know


A Look at Ancestral Chinese Festivals

Chinese New Year Traditions

Top 6 Traditional Festivals in Taiwan

Public Holidays in China

Calendar & Zodiac:

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac in Mandarin

Learn About Dragons in Chinese Culture

Origin of Chinese Zodiac

10 Heavenly Stems & 12 Earthly Branches

24 Solar Terms in Traditional Calendar

Food and Drink:

Chinese Food - Eight Regional Variations

Noodle Making

Guide to Taiwanese Breakfast


Banquet Etiquettes

Eating China - Recipes

Wangfujing Night Market (youtube)

Street Market in Taiwan (youtube)

Making Tea in Maokong, Taipei (youtube)

Brief History of Taiwan Tea

Popular Culture and Activities:

 Chinese Popular Culture

Sidewalk Calligrapher

Morning Exercise in Dalian China (youtube)

Beijing Music Scene

Taiwan Music’s Influence on China

Taiwan’s New Wave Cinema

Traditional Culture:


Wengu - Chinese Classics & Translations



Religion in Taiwan

Taiwan Temple Fair

Tai Chi 

Peking Opera


Shadow Puppet

Chinese Yo Yo