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Chinese Cultural Notes

Maps and Flags:
Map of China              Map of Taiwan
Flag of China PRC     Flag of Taiwan ROC

Language & Characters:

Chinese Linguistic Map
Mandarin Chinese Profile
List of Radicals     Stroke Orders
Chinese Characters FAQ
FanJian (Traditional-Simplified Character Tutor)
Myths and Facts (article by Timothy. Light)


PRC Fact Book
History of China    Timeline (U. of Maryland)
Modern Chinese History (UCSD)
Special Themes in History
A Brief Chinese History (Condensed China)


The Origin of Chinese Surnames

Get A Chinese Name

Common Surnames      Top 100 Surnames


Moon Festival - Mid-Autumn Festival
Chinese New Year - Spring Festival
Dragon Boat Festival - Double Fifth
Chinese Holidays      Taiwan Festivals

Calendars & Horoscopes:

Chinese Zodiac in Chinese
Origin of Chinese Zodiac

About Chinese Calendar (China the Beautiful)

Food and Drink:

Chinese Food - Eight Regional Variations

Noodle Making    Breakfast Crepe/Jianbing 

Banquet Etiquettes

Eating China - Recipes
Wangfujing Night Market (youtube)
Street Market in Taiwan (youtube)
Making Tea in Maokong, Taipei (youtube)

Tea Culture    Drinking Gongfu Tea   Video

Wine and Chinese Culture

Popular Culture and Activities:

Special Topics on Chinese Popular Culture
Sidewalk Calligrapher       Practice in the Park
Morning Exercise in Dalian China (youtube)
Birth of a Beijing Music Scene
Pop Music in PRC
Chinese Cinema    "Movie Night" (by Zhang Yimou)
Youth Culture in China
Lifestyle in Shanghai (SLIDESHOW)  (VIDEO)

Traditional Culture:

Wedding Banquet
Religion in Taiwan (youtube video)
Taiwan Temple Fair (youtube video)
Yang Style    Group Tai Chi Video    Sword
Peking Opera Video Singing (Female)   (Male)

Opera Talking    Battle    Acrobatics   Makeup

Shadow Puppet Performance in Wuzhen
Chinese Yo Yo (youtube video)
Chinese Poem (China the Beautiful) Tang Poetry
Wengu - Chinese Classics & Translations

      Calligraphy  Master's Work   Practice Models