"Bdellovibrio Feeding Frenzy"  courtesy of Tom Pitta
AFM courtesy of Megan Nunez
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BIOL 350

The biology of the major groups of prokaryotes and viruses is considered in depth in lectures and readings. The laboratory covers basic microbiological techniques and experimental design.

BIOL 201
Biology Colloquium

This course introduces Biology majors to the professional activities of departmental faculty and staff. It includes a series of presentations by Biology faculty relating their interests in both teaching and research, with a description of current research projects. It also includes orientation to the research support facilities provided by the Biology Department.

BIOL 111
Unity of Life: Cells, Molecules, and Systems

A contemporary approach to the major themes of modern biology. Sub-cellular, cellular, genetic, and physiological aspects of biological systems are explored in the context of the scientific process. Laboratory is required. Satisfies Natural World and Natural Scientific Approaches core requirements.