Jeffrey S. Grinstead

Puget Sound


Jeffrey S. Grinstead

University of Puget Sound

Chemistry Department

Assistant Professor

1500 N. Warner, #1015

Tacoma, WA 98416

(253) 879-1571


Ph.D.University of Washington, Medicinal Chemistry (via the Biomolecular Structure and Design Program), 1997-2003

Structural Immunology of Humoral and Cellular Recognition of a MUC1 Breast Cancer Antigen

Thesis Advisor: A. Patricia Campbell

B.S.University of Puget Sound, Chemistry, 1993-199

Thesis Advisor: William Dasher

Teaching and Research Experience:

Assistant Professor, University of Puget Sound, 2008-present.  Chem460, 461, 110, 111, 230.

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Puget Sound, 2007-2008. Teaching Chem460, Chem461 and Chem111.

Postdoctoral Research, Utrecht University, Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research, 2004-2007. Structural  and functional studies on AppA, a transcriptional regulator integrating light and redox signaling pathways in Rhodobacter Sphaeroides.

Research Advisors: Rolf Boelens and Robert Kaptein

Postdoctoral Research, University of Washington, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, 2003. Monitoring allostery in drug binding by cytochromes P450 using NMR spectroscopy.

Research Advisors: William M. Atkins and A. Patricia Campbell

Doctoral Thesis, University of Washington, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, 1998-2003. Structural immunology of humoral and cellular recognition of a MUC1 breast cancer antigen.

Thesis Advisor: A. Patricia Campbell


Tripsianes, K., Folkers, G.E., Zheng, C., Das, D., Grinstead, J.S., Kaptein, R., and Boelens, R. (2007) Analysis of the XPA and ssDNA binding surfaces on the central domain of human ERCC1 reveals evidence for subfunctionalization, Nucleic Acids Research, 2007;35(17):5789-98 (Tripsianes_XPA.pdf).

Gauden, M., Grinstead, J.S., Laan, W., van Stokkum, I.H.M., Avila-Perez, M., Toh, K.C., Boelens, R., Kaptein, R., Grondelle, R.V., Hellingwerf, K.J., Kennis, J.T.M. (2007) On the role of aromatic sidechains in the photoactivation of BLUF domains, Biochemistry 46, 7405-7415 (Gauden_aromatic.pdf).

Grinstead, J.S., Avila-Perez, M., Hellingwerf, K.J., Boelens, R., Kaptein, R. (2006) Light-induced flipping of a conserved glutamine sidechain and its orientation in the AppA BLUF domain, J. Am Chem. Soc. 128, 15066-15067 (Grinstead_flip.pdf). 

Roberts, A.G., Diaz, M.D., Lampe, J.N., Shireman, L.M., Grinstead, J.S., Dabrowski, M.J., Pearson, J.T., Bowman, M.K., Atkins, W.M., and Campbell, A.P. (2006) NMR studies of ligand binding to P450(eryF) provide insight into the mechanism of cooperativity, Biochemistry 45 (6), 1673-84 (Roberts_eryF.pdf).

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Schuman, J.T., Grinstead, J.S., and Campbell, A.P. (2005) Structural and dynamic consequences of increasing repeats in a MUC1 peptide tumor antigen, Biopolymers 77 (2), 107-120. 

Grinstead, J.S., Schuman, J.T., and Campbell, A.P. (2003) Epitope mapping of antigenic MUC1 peptides to breast cancer antibody fragment B27.29: a heteronuclear NMR study, Biochemistry 42 (48), 14293-14305 (Grinstead_pepmap.pdf). 

Grinstead, J.S., Koganty, R.R., Krantz, M.J., Longenecker, B.M., and Campbell, A.P., (2002) Effect of glycosylation on MUC1 humoral immune recognition: NMR studies of MUC1 glycopeptide-antibody interactions, Biochemistry 41 (31), 9946-9961 (Grinstead_glyco.pdf). 

Storch, E.M., Grinstead, J.S., Campbell, A.P., Daggett, V., and Atkins, W.M. (1999) Engineering out motion: a surface disulfide bond alters the mobility of tryptophan 22 in cytochrome b5 as probed by time-resolved fluorescence and 1H NMR experiments, Biochemistry 38 (16), 5065-5075 (Storch_b5.pdf).