Chem 110BB Fundamental Chemistry Lab

Syllabus—Fall 2009

Dr. Jeffrey Grinstead

Thompson 355C

Office Phone: 879-1571



The laboratory course is an important part of CHEM 110.  Not only is the lab designed to reinforce topics discussed in the lecture, but the lab provides a foundation for scientific method and critical thinking.  Due to the related nature of the laboratory material, it will show up on quizzes and exams.  Specific requirements for pre-lab work, lab notebook, lab safety, and other laboratory procedures will be provided in the weekly laboratory handout or in lecture.  You must pass (>50%) the lab portion of the course in order to pass the overall course.  Attendance is required in lab every week.  If you must miss a lab, you must let me know in advance.  It is your responsibility to contact another professor to ask permission to attend their lab section, but I cannot guarantee that any other professors will be able to accommodate you.  Make-up labs are not available if you miss your regularly scheduled lab time.

The Chemistry department will post the laboratory experiments on the CHEM 110 laboratory website.  You are responsible for downloading the week’s experiment, reading the experiment before lab, and bringing a copy to lab.  The CHEM 110 laboratory website is:

Course Meeting Times

Lab:   Fri 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Required Materials

Textbook–Gilbert, et al., Chemistry: The Science in Context, 2nd ed. 2009

Lab Notebook–Buy from SAACS during the first week of classes

Calculator–capable of scientific notation & logarithms



Ten experiments are planned for this term. Plan to work with a partner unless instructed otherwise.  Before coming to lab, take time to prepare for the lab; pop-quizzes are possible.  You are expected to keep a bound notebook (to be purchased during the first week of classes) in which you record a readable account of what you have done in the lab (periodically your lab notebook will be graded!).  Instructions will be provided to you in lecture and will also be posted on the lab schedule page.  Most labs will be discussed in class before you do the lab.  Reports will usually be due at the beginning of the next lab period, and MUST be turned in to a human, not a box.  Acceptable humans include a Chemistry professor, your TA, or our secretary Jan Schoenike.  Late assignments will not be accepted. 

Academic Honesty:

All work submitted during this course is expected to reflect your effort.  You are encouraged to work with classmates in lab and to understand the material that will go into your lab reports.  However, when the time comes to write up work for submission, it must be your work, written in your own words and reflecting your individual understanding of the material.  No form of academic dishonesty will be tolerated (i.e. plagiarism, cheating, etc.).  If you have any questions on what constitutes academic dishonesty or the University’s response to it, please review pages 3-6 in the UPS Academic Handbook.

Personal Electronic Devices and Class Room Disruptions

Please turn off and put away cell phones, iPods, etc. before entering the laboratory.  IF a cell phone goes off during my prelab lecture, or IF you are caught texting during my prelab lecture, the “owner” of the offending phone is responsible for bringing treats for everyone the next lab period.  Please check the UPS Academic Handbook (page 38) to see the University’s policy on disruptive class behavior.