Puget Sound

Undergraduate Philosophy Conference


January 31- February 1 2019
University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, WA


Conference Schedule

All talks other than the keynote addresses are in
Murray Board Room (in Wheelock Student Center)
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Thursday 1/31


“Aristotle’s Functionalism: Psyche’s Relevance to Contemporary Philosophy of Mind”

Cassie Finley (Pacific University)

Comments by Holden Chen (Puget Sound)

Chair: Sienna Murphy


 “Listening to Music: A Philosophical Account”

Paskalina Bourbon (Pomona College)

Comments by Sammy Jones (Puget Sound)
Chair: Colleen Hanson



Keynote Address

“The Philosophy of Accidentality”
A talk by Professor Manuel Vargas (University of California, San Diego)
Keynote address location: Trimble Hall, Trimble Forum
Abstract available here

Friday 2/1 


“The Failure of Hope as an Epistemic Standard”
William Perrin (Pepperdine University)
Comments by Colleen Hanson (Puget Sound)

Chair: Samantha Lilly



“Mt. Olympus, Gotham City, and Metropolis: The Power of Heroism in Shaping Cultures and Futures”

Julia French (University of Notre Dame)

Comments by Sam Place (Puget Sound)
Chair: Madilyn Ivey



“The Truth in the Falsification of Artificial Intelligence”

Mariah Jacobs (Pacific University)

Comments by August Malueg (Puget Sound)

Chair: Thalia Barr-Malec




“UBI as Regular Payment: Egalitarian Safeguard or Dose of Paternalism?”

Sun Woo Lee (Stanford University)

Comments by Brian Kim (Puget Sound)

Chair: Guillermo Ruiz



“How to Solve Moral Conundrums with Computability Theory”

Jongmin Jerome Baek (University of California, Berkeley)

Comments by Liam Grantham (Puget Sound)

Chair: Erland Cain



“Statistical Mechanics and the Past Hypothesis”

Angela Lee (University of California, Berkeley)

Comments by Emory Brigden (Puget Sound)

Chair: James Conley



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