Puget Sound

Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

February 12-13, 2016
University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, WA

Conference Schedule

All talks other than the keynote addresses are in
Murray Board Room (in Wheelock Student Center)
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Friday 2/12


Ҍiteracy and the SoulӠ

Corey Horn (Eastern Washington University)

Comments by Nick Navarro
Chair: Padideh Aghanoury


ҏn Art, Morality, and the Subject: Revisiting the Relation between Ethics and AestheticsӠ

Kvin-Orly Irakze (Connecticut College)

Comments by Kayla Grueneich
Chair: Gryphon Goodrich



Ґhilosophy, Poetry, and the SelfӠ

Siobhain McGuinness (University of Nevada, Reno)

Comments by Nathaniel Bohn
Chair: Colleen Hanson



Ґictures of Rule-FollowingӠ

Elek Lane (University of Chicago)

Comments by Jack McGougan
Chair: Chase Chamberlain



Ғevisiting Russellճ Theory of Descriptions,Ӡ

Patrick Henning (California State University, Fullerton)

Comments by Quinelle Bethelmie
Chair: Karine McCulloch



Ҕhomas Aquinas's Classical Theism on the Goodness of God and Evil as Privatio BoniӠ

Garry Moore Soronio (UCLA)

Comments by Eileen Mapes-Riordan
Chair: Kaitlin Cochran



Keynote Address

ғtimulating the Self: Neural Technologies and AgencyӼbr> A talk by Professor Sara Goering (University of Washington)
Keynote address location: Tahoma Room, Commencement Hall
Abstract available here

Saturday 2/13 


җhy Would Berlin Mischaracterize Rousseau?Ӡ
Sean McGuire (Portland State University)
Comments by Kyle Chong

Chair: Jessica Chan-Ugalde



҈egel on a Better Understanding of FreedomӠ

Gareth Walsh (University of Chicago)

Comments by Reagan Rice

Chair: Conor OՋeefe



҅mpirical and Epistemological Implications of an

Enactive Sensorimotor Contingency TheoryӼo:p>

Celine Geday (Portland State University)
Comments by Kristoffer Moody
Chair: Rae Nathan



҃ircling the Truth: Model Selection Criteria as a

Metric of Verisimilitude in Theory SelectionӼo:p>

K. Raleigh Hansen (Washington State University)

Comments Dylan Livermore
Chair: Peter O



Ҕhe Emperor's New Fabric of SpacetimeӠ

Brittney High (Puget Sound)

Comments by Si-Won Song Ա5

Chair: Daniel Noyed



җhat Exactly is This 'Existentialism' Thing Everyone is Talking About

and Why Would Anyone Ever Want to Achieve it?Ӽo:p>

Martine Kivatinetz (Puget Sound)

Comments by Maia Bernick Ա5

Chair: Dilara Artikaslan



Keynote Address

Ғelativism and Ambivalence between
Relationship and Autonomy
Ӽbr> A talk by Professor David Wong (Duke University)
Keynote address location: Tahoma Room, Commencement Hall
Abstract available here

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