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Ariela Tubert

Department of Philosophy
University of Puget Sound

1500 N. Warner St.
Wyatt Hall 322 (CMB 1086)
Tacoma, WA 98416-1086



My research is mainly focused in the areas of practical reasoning and action theory. I am especially interested in two related philosophical problems: the problem of freedom of the will (what is it? do we have it? does it matter?) and the problem of agency (what is it to be an agent? why does it matter whether we are agents or not?) My work on these two problems is often connected to foundational questions in the study of practical reasoning (reasoning about what to do and what is valuable.) My courses explore these issues and related ones from a variety of perspectives, both historical and contemporary, including courses in moral philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of law, metaethics, gender and philosophy, evolution and ethics, environmental ethics, and others..


The photo above was taken at Puente del Inca (at about 9000 feet or 2700 meters) in the Andes, outside of the city of Mendoza in Argentina.  My parents were born in Mendoza and although I grew up the much larger cities of Buenos Aires and New York, I spent countless summer and winter vacations with my grandparents and extended family enjoying the sunny city in the valley and the amazing mountains nearby.